Bonsai - Creating Living Sculptures From Trees

Course Title: Bonsai - Creating Living Sculptures from Trees

Artist Instructor: Jeff Nottonson

Dates: Sunday, August 8 (rain date: Saturday, August 7)

Time: Two Classes at 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM

Cost: $70

Bonsai, the ancient art of training trees in containers to mimic the look and feel of full-grown trees, comes to Horsford Nursery for the third year running. Jeff Nottonson will demonstrate how to take a stock plant (nursery plant in a plastic grow pot) and begin its transformation into a small tree. Using pruning and wiring techniques, you will work on your own tree, in a lovely outdoor setting, and take home a lovely bonsai to train on your own. For the first time, if you sign up soon, you may select from several different tree species, Fukien Tea, English Elm, Fig, Olive or Shimpaku Juniper.  (Trees do not necessarily produce fruit). You may also purchase a second tree at approximately half price, if you would like to take home two!


Price of $70 includes stock plant, pot, bonsai soil, wire and screens. Pruning shears will be available for use or purchase.

Registration: Email Jeff at