Bonsai - Creating Living Sculptures From Trees

Jeff Nottonson holding bonsai outside of farmhouse

Course Title: Bonsai - Creating Living Sculptures from Trees

Artist Instructor: Jeff Nottonson

Dates: Saturday, July 30, 2022

Time: Two Classes at 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM

Cost: $85

Bonsai, the ancient art of training trees in containers to mimic the look and feel of full-grown trees, comes to Horsford Nursery for the fourth year running. Jeff Nottonson will demonstrate how to take a stock plant (nursery plant in a plastic grow pot) and begin its transformation into a small tree. Using pruning and wiring techniques, you will work on your own tree, in a lovely outdoor setting, and take home a bonsai to train on your own. This year, we will be working on wonderful dwarf junipers.


Price of $95 includes stock plant, pot, bonsai soil, wire and screens. Pruning shears will be available for use or purchase.

Registration: Email Jeff at