Horsford Gift Certificate


$25.00 - $500.00
Gift Certificates are sent via USPS first class mail from the nursery within two business days of the order date. We cannot guarantee arrival by a certain date.
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Here are some top gifts we hear about and starting prices to give you an idea of how far your gift will go:

Rose Shrub
Vegetable or Herb Garden, 5-6 plants
Spring Hanging Basket

Blueberry Plant
PJM Rhododendron (24″ tall)
Creeping Cypress Evergreen

Lilac (3′ tall, field-dug)
Perennial Garden, 4-5 plants

Fruit Tree (container)

Maple Tree (container)
Crabapple Tree (container)
Arborvitae (5-6′ tall, field-dug)

The perfect gift for new homeowners, newlyweds, birthdays, thank you gifts, and more.
If you need a different amount than what is listed, please call our Garden Center at (802) 425-2811.
Gift Certificates:
Please include the appropriate shipping address to send your gift to in checkout (yours or the recipient’s). Or gift certificates can be picked up in-store.