Botanical Gardens

Display gardens and Garden Center
Botanical Gardens

All are welcome for free, self-guided tours of our gardens during business hours. Our display gardens include:

-Annual Garden
-Carriage Barn Cutting Garden
-Dahlia and Zinnia Cutting Garden
-Daylily and Phlox Circle Garden
-Welcome Garden
-Herb Garden
-Mixed Evergreen and Deciduous Shrub Border Garden
-Peony Row
-Pondside Peony Planting
-Perennial Shade Garden
-Perennial Sun Garden
-Rain Garden
-Rock Garden
-Rose Garden
-Spring Bulb Garden
-Additional growing beds for propagating and testing

Find Inspiration
Display plantings show a variety of concepts:
–plants’ growth habits
–how to mix compatibility
–soil and sun preferences
–color combinations
–various garden styles
–mixing of material
–how plants evolve over the seasons
–what needs pruning and what stays compact
-and so much more!

The display gardens can help you visualize plants in your own landscape. Some gardens have a mixture of plant material including shrubs, dwarf trees, perennial and bulbs all in a relatively small space. There are evergreens grown en masse and allowed to reach their full height. We also have neatly pruned hedges that are examples of living fences.

Visiting the nursery can be a much-needed break from a hectic day. If it is muddy, bring boots as there are no paved roads. Be sure to bring a notebook and camera!