Local Delivery and Planting

We are happy to help with your new tree, shrub, or perennial plantings.


Delivery Rates are calculated in checkout after entering your shipping address. A list of rates is also available here (PDF).


Installation Rates are half the cost of the plant (ie: a $100 tree costs an additional $50 to plant). If the plant is on sale, the installation rate is still half of the regular plant price. Please also account for delivery rates when planning your installation. We charge for delivery if the plants are already on site.


"What should I do before the planting day?"
Be sure to have your planting site information ready. We will provide a stake for you to mark the location of where the plant is going. Please inform our team of any ledge, heavy clay, limited access, or other obstacles that can delay a planting.


"Can you plant on top of stumps, ground stumps, or where an old tree used to be?"

Generally no, but each scenario is different. Please discuss site details with our team before arranging your planting.

"Should I call DigSafe?"
As the company installing and doing the work, we must call DigSafe. DigSafe locates public, underground utilities such as natural gas and public electric, water, and communications lines. They do not locate private utilities such as private electric or septic lines. Please indicate where any private utilties are before our team arrives to plant. Please ensure the area to be planted is clearly marked, or else DigSafe will mark with spray paint more than is needed.

"What is included when Horsford's plants?"
Horsford's calls DigSafe, does all of the heavy lifting and digging, plants accurately and skillfully, and stakes the tree if needed. We also lightly fertilize and mulch the tree if needed. Any additional labor aside from the planting must be discussed beforehand, and is charged at an hourly rate.


"Do I have to water my plants?"

Yes! Watering is key to the success of your newly installed plants. Please know, our plant guarantee only covers plants that have been watered sufficiently. Here are some helpful links:

Our Plant Guarantee

Watering Instructions

Seeking a larger installation?
Distinctive Landscaping is a design | build landscape architecture firm based at the nursery that does installations of all sizes.