Art in the Garden

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Below is information for artists interested in leading workshops


Art in the Garden is a series of classes led by local artists and held at Horsford's. The nursery is free of charge to use for a workshop, and artists receive all portions of their class cost. Artists must recruit for their own workshops and manage their participant signups and payments.

Series Timeline

MARCH - Artist Applications due

APRIL - Awarded artists notified and course calendar created

MAY - Series promotion - We publish our online Events Calendar and promote the series. Artists must recruit for their own workshops too.

JUNE - SEPTEMBER - Classes take place

Important Information

Teaching Spaces
Below are a few glimpses from around the nursery during different times of the season.

(Some photos were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. All artists are responsible for following any current health precautions and safety, as recommended by the CDC and the State of Vermont)

A poetry workshop in the gardens

A pondside pruning workshop

Drawing in the circle gardens

A group dance performance at Horsford's

Painting rhododendrons in spring

A Bonsai workshop beneath the black locust trees

Cut Paper Greeting Card workshop

Daylily and phlox circle gardens at Horsford's

Photography at Horsford's in late summer

A pruning workshop at Horsford's

Perennial gardens at Horsford's

Painting hanging flower baskets

Finding inspiration from roses

Pondside peony garden

The historic barn is available to use in case of rain.

Limited tables, chairs, and electric hookup are available