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Treeform river birch in a landscape

Treeform River Birch in a landscape

Field-dug birches at nursery

Birch trees - many varieties - container & field-dug sizes available

Reserve Birches Early and Save

Spring ahead with this season's tree plantings. All birches are available to pre-order now through March 31, plus they are 20% off! Reserve the varieties and sizes you want online. Local delivery and curbside pickup options are in checkout. We will contact you this spring when your trees are ready.


Not sure what type to plant? Most associate birch trees with peeling white bark yet there are many other lesser known, wonderful varieties to add to the landscape this season. Learn their key differences and site preferences so they grow into successful plantings at your place.

White flowers and green leaves of American basswood tree

Tilia americana 'Redmond' - $229 / 15-gallon

Native Flowering Trees for Pollinators

Planting for pollinators includes trees! While shrubs and perennials are key plants for pollinators, trees serve as large sources of pollen and nectar too. A few native trees to consider adding to your landscape this year include red maple (Acer rubrum), serviceberry (Amelanchier), and American basswood (Tilia americana).

Onion starts, red strawberries growing, asparagus emerging, and purple potatoes

Onion starts, potato tubers, and bareroot strawberry & asparagus will be available

Culinary Garden Additions

In addition to vegetable starts from the greenhouse like tomatoes and peppers, we'll have bareroot plants and tubers to add to the kitchen garden. Asparagus and strawberry crowns can be planted once and enjoyed for years since they are perennials that survive Vermont's winters. Onion starts and potato tubers are planted each season, and will be available when we open in just a few weeks.

Teach Art in the Garden - applications due 3-26

Artist applications are due March 26, 2023

Artist Applications Due 3/26

In its fourth year, Art in the Garden is a series of classes led by local artists and held at Horsford's. The nursery is free of charge for artists to use for a workshop, and artists receive all portions of their class cost. We encourage anyone interested in teaching to complete our application.

Small green bleeding heart perennial emerging in spring

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) emerging in spring

Red heart-shaped flowers on bleeding heart perennial plant

Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine' - $18.98 / one-gallon

A Sensory Spring

Snow may still be melting but there are signs of spring all around if you just use your senses:


- Listen to red-winged blackbirds as they return

- Feel fuzzy willows blooming

- Smell the soil as snow melts

- Enjoy sweet Vermont maple syrup

- Witness perennials and bulbs emerging


It is important to wait to work in the garden until soils dry out and warm up. If you skilled fall garden cutbacks, we recommend starting once temperatures are consistently in the 50s. In the meantime, plan new garden additions and learn about all of the wonderful plants you can grow in Vermont. Our plant catalog lists everything we're growing for the year, along with sizes and prices.

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