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Perennial Toad Lily

These toadally unique perennials should be planted where their ornate flowers can be observed closely. They grow well in shadier gardens and bloom in late summer. 'Samurai' has variegated foliage that pairs nicely with its purple, orchid-like flowers.

Vitis x 'Frontenac' - $44.98 / 3-gallon

Fast-Growing Fruit

Grapes are a fast-growing screen that can create privacy for porches and soften decks. The fruit is an added bonus. Our grape plants are currently 2-3 feet tall trellised in containers, complete with clusters of ripening fruit.

Field pea tendril, cover crop growing, bag of seeds

Horsford Cover Crop Blend - $12 / 2-lb bag

Show Thanks to Soil

Big garden spaces are opening up right now from garlic, potato, and onion harvests. Show thanks to the soils that give so much with cover crops. Our custom mix includes:


- FIELD PEA (nitrogen fixing, tops can be harvested for edible shoots)

- OAT (mulching cover, beautiful texture and color)

- ANNUAL RYE (suppresses weeds, prevents soil from washing away, adds organic matter)

- CRIMSON CLOVER (nitrogen source, ground cover, pretty flowers)


This blend can be used in smaller spaces and raised beds without returning aggressively in spring.

Purple flowers and red saffron stigmas on crocus

Fall-Blooming Saffron Crocus

$15/10 pack, $35/25 pack, $60/50 pack

Saffron is Here

It's time to plant saffron. This hardy, fall-blooming crocus sends up pine-needle like foliage and purple flowers each October. The red stigmas are harvested and cured for the spice saffron - perfect timing for winter meals and holiday gifts. We have staff growing this unique plant in zone 4 Middlesex and in heavy Addison County soils.

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