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Blue-flowering plumbago perennial growing over stone wall

10 Surprising Perennials

It's time to discover new fall flowers and intriguing foliage. Check out ten lesesr known perennials that look fantastic right now. All are 20% off now through 10/31/2022.

Fall-Flowering Bush Clover

Bush clover's fuchsia pea-like flowers bloom over cascading branches, making it a nice selection to trail over stone walls. It can be treated like a perennial and cut back to the crown to encourage growth. Once established, this drought-tolerant plant can prevent erosion and thrive in dry sites. 20% off now through 10/31/2022.

Maple of the Week

This month, we'll be highlighting maple varieties you can plant in fall. First up is Vermont's beloved Sugar Maple, the source of maple syrup! Its orange and yellow fall foliage is some of the most dramatic in the landscape. Sugar Maples do not like heavy clay soils or salt, so plant in well-drained areas away from roadsides and pollution. 20% off now through 10/31/2022.

Yellow, pink and orange daffodil flowers

Fall Bulbs, Spring Smiles

Stop by this weekend to pick out some beauties to look forward to in spring. Remember, plant bulbs in groups for the most impact.

Two metal orb sculptures
Brown metal yarn ball sculpture

Garden Sculptures

Created from fiber, concrete, and oxidized metal paints, these sculptures by Contour'D Landscape Studio bring beautiful form that contrasts plantings nicely. Visit the nursery to envision them in your own garden. Available to purchase in-store only.

Three team members planting large tree

Delivery & Planting Services

Let us help with the heavy lifting! We offer just delivery if your vehicle isn't big enough, as well as complete planting services. Coordinate delivery and/or planting while shopping at the nursery, or select these options in checkout for online orders.

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