Garden Felting

Sunset scene in felt

Course Title: Garden Felting

Artist Instructor: Cecilia  Bucca and Sarah Keller

Date: Saturday, August 3, 2024

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Cost: $45


Garden felting is a chance to learn about felting while working in the beautiful gardens of Horsford Nursery. Participants will learn
the basics and be given a choice of a rainbow of colored felt and wool to work with. All skill levels are invited. Those with felting
experience can hone their skills in the summer sun. Inspiration will be derived from the beautiful flowers surrounding the area
where we work


Cecilia and Sarah are a mother-daughter artist team who have been practicing and teaching art for decades. Their felting style differs from the traditional 3D woolly figurines, but with the same techniques applied. A felt backing is used (like a canvas for painting) to create a felted image. 

Workshop cost includes all materials, including multiple colors of wool, felt, needles, backing boards and frames for the finished piece.


Registration: Please email Cecilia and Sarah at

Flowers in felt artwork
People felting in garden
Felted trees and woodland scene