Understanding Pollination through Illustration

Sessile bellwort illustration

Course Title: Understanding Pollination through Illustration

Artist Instructor: Jeannie Marie Nicklas

Date: Thursday, August 24, 2023

Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Cost: $40


Gain a better understanding of the process of pollination through discussion and illustration. What is pollination? Who does it? How? Why? No previous art experience necessary.


Suggested materials to bring: Sketchbook and/or clipboard with blank paper, #2 pencil, art eraser, portable sharpener. Extra material will be available if anyone needs art supplies. Please bring a lawn chair. Extra chairs will also be provided.


Registration: Please email Jeannie Marie Nicklas at inklink@madriver.com


About the Artist: Jeannie Marie Nicklas has been a natural history educator/freelance scientific illustrator for over 30 years and began her careers while studying for her M.S. in Forest Biology. She has taught both natural history and illustration at summer camps, nature centers and in local schools. She created the content and artwork for multiple interpretive trail sign systems in Vermont. She has produced scientific, wildlife, and botanical illustrations for various educational institutions, government agencies, and consulting firms. Other artistic endeavors include ceramic mosaics and cedar garden art.


Jeannie lives in Warren, Vermont and operates a landscaping business when the snow is not on the ground and can be found on the ski slopes, leading snowshoe tours, or sledding down Lincoln Gap throughout the winter.

Black and white drawing of jack in the pulpit