Watering Instructions

Pink purple white and yellow perennial and shrub flowers
Watering is key to the success of your newly installed plants. Please know, our plant guarantee only covers plants that have been watered sufficiently. Your new plant is used to being watered at the nursery every day! Your job is to keep your new plant watered, gradually weaning it to encourage the roots to spread.

How should I water?
Always water at the base of the plant, shrub, or tree. Plants take up water through their roots, not their leaves. Watering at the base delivers water directly to the roots of the plant and avoids causing foliar diseases. Overhead sprinklers aren’t recommended, especially for newly established plantings. To encourage deep rooting of the plant, water deeply and less frequently. Shallow watering discourages a plant to search for water deeper since it’s always at the surface.

How much should I water?
There is no such thing as a written prescription. Clay soils hold water longer than sandy soils. Plants should not be waterlogged, nor should they be desert dry all while they are getting established. Water and wait for it to soak into the soil. Pause and revisit to water so it’s not running off and away from the plant.

All in all, the best way to learn how much water plants need is to feel the soil. Dig down and see how water is absorbed. If you need to water deeper, water more. Overwatering can be as detrimental as underwatering, so water less if needed. Every plant is different. A little research can be very helpful in learning the water needs of your plant.

Another helpful thing is to time how long it takes your hose to fill a five-gallon bucket. This can give you an idea of how much water you’re putting on a plant.

When should I water?
Plants should be watered when they are installed. Supplemental watering is needed through the season they are planted, depending on natural rainfall and conditions. Attentive watering may be needed the following season as your plant gets established and depending on conditions.

Are there any tools that make watering easier?
We love and recommend the following:

1. Watering Wands - used on a garden hose, these direct water right to the base of the plant.

2. Tree Tubs - these are large black tubs that can be used on single-lead trees as well as large shrubs, evergreens, or multi-stemmed trees. They have small holes in the bottom. Fill with water and it will drip out slowly to water the plant deeply. Another advantage of these is that they are open, so they can catch any rainfall instead of it being shed away from the plant.

3. Gator Bags - these are bags that usually go on single-lead deciduous trees. They have small holes in the bottom of the bag. Fill the bag where directed, and the water drips out slowly to water the tree deeply.