Celebrate Peonies with Paint and Pastels

Course Title: Celebrate Peonies with Paint and Pastels by Observing Flowers from Life

Artist Instructor: Linda Reynolds

Dates: Wednesday, June 16. Thursday, June 17, Wednesday, June 23, and Thursday, June 24

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM each day

Cost: $40 per day, or $130 for all four classes.

Beside being fun, sitting with others in the presence of peonies fragrance and beauty is good for your soul. In this class you will have a chance to explore color, shape, form, and composition with your choice of watercolors or pastels. After a few warm up exercises to focus on conscious observation, color value, and natural structure, you’ll have time to fall in love with particular peonies among a whole line of  huge old breed peony bushes or other groups of plants and flowers to paint/draw them with an effort to simplify for the class duration of about 3 hrs (10am to 1 pm.)


Artists should bring their own preferred paints, pastels, paper, boards, brushes, hats, sunscreen, chairs, and water (both to drink and use). Linda will offer help through demonstrations, tips, and a variety of extra drawing/painting tools for you to try out. In case of rain previous classes have enjoyed painting from the barn. During class Linda circulates, demonstrates, or paints with participants, making watercolor or pastel sketches. Having shade or using umbrellas to paint under is helpful because painting on white paper in the sun is hard on our eyes. 

Registration:  Email lsart@gmavt.net, or online at link below