Charlie's Bulb Planting Tips

Orange and pink tulips near green hosta and fern

Top Three Ways to Plant Bulbs

Naturalize Large Areas

Naturalize a woods edge or lawn by planting bulbs in groups. Let the surrounding grass grow as bulbs are blooming and wait to mow until the foliage dies back in late spring. The daffodils planted near Horsford's Route 7 entrance and woods edge are an example of this type of planting.


Painterly Plantings

These are carefully crafted color schemes. You can plant one variety or a few and treat it like a watercolor piece of artwork.



A combination of naturalized and painterly plantings. Plant bulbs throughout existing gardens for early blooms when we need them most in spring.

When to Fertilize Bulbs

Add Pro-Gro natural fertilizer right after bulbs bloom in spring. This is when foliage is taking up energe to feed next year's bulbs.

How to Prevent Rodent Damage

Use a natural spray with a disagreeable taste like Repels-All (available in the Garden Center). When applications are timed correctly, it can prevent rodent damage. When to apply:


1. Apply on top of bulbs in new planting hole before covering with soil.

2. Apply on top of soil after covering hole.

3. If you planted annuals on top of existing bulbs, treat the area this fall.

4. As bulbs appear in spring, apply again.