Spring Tree Sale

April 15 - May 2, 2021
Why Do You Love Trees?

From our team:

“They shade our horses, beautify the landscape, give back, and protect our mother Earth.” -Tori
“Trees are beautiful.” -Marshall
"Their diversity in shape and forms inspires art and adventure." - Sophie
“You plant a legacy when you plant a tree.” -Elizabeth

We’ve had a record number of inquiries about trees this spring and more schools than ever are participating in our tree giveaway program Greening Schools on Arbor Day, a partnership with Vermont Urban and Community Forestry.

It is inspiring to see our community value trees so much right now. We are excited to share many wonderful types from the nursery with you this spring! To celebrate, we’re holding a Spring Tree Sale from April 15 through May 2, 2021. All deciduous, flowering, and fruit trees are on sale.

We always start with trees in landscape design because they are the pillars of the landscape. They house and feed wildlife, provide us shade and flowers and fruit, they clean the air we breathe. Trees are simply wonderful to marvel. Join us this spring and plant a tree.

You'll find over 190 tree varieties on sale at the nursery. Learn more about them in our complete plant catalog! Sale pricing will be listed once the sale starts.

Sale pricing runs April 15 - May 2, 2021 and only applies to purchases during that time.

Plant Shopping Times

The nursery is open for scheduled in-person shopping.  We follow current State of Vermont COVID-19 guidelines to keep customers and staff comfortable and safe. Thanks to everyone who has already planned their shopping!

Online Orders for Curbside Pickup
The same team that grows plants for your garden has worked hard this winter to provide online ordering this season! Our online plant catalog is shoppable and you're welcome to place orders for curbside pickup now.

Our catalog lists everything we'll be growing for the season, so please know some items may not be available to pick up immediately. We will notify you.