Vaccinium corymbosum

Highbush Blueberry

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Highbush blueberry is a well adapted native shrub that can handle wet or dry soils once established but requires acidic soil conditions in order to thrive. This is a shrub of great practicality. Flowers are an important source of nectar for pollinators and although small are of ornamental value as they are produced in abundance. The berries that follow are relished by humans and wildlife alike - though you will need two genetically distinct plants in order to get fruit. Fall foliage is a blast of vivid colors usually in the reddish spectrum. The plant will survive happily in sun or part shade but will only fruit well in sunny sites.

Secondary Name:
Highbush Blueberry
Plant Type:
Fruit & Nut Small Plants
Hardiness Zone:
Sun Exposure:
Ultimate Plant Height:
HT 6-10'
Ultimate Spread:
SP 6-10'
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